Moneygate services.

Moneygate offers a wide range of services to help easily manage your payments and grow your business.

We provide multi-currency accounts with individual IBANs and fast payments through SEPA and SWIFT. We also offer debit cards that allow global transactions and seamless contactless payments.

We are fully compliant with the PSD2, EU AML & GDPR regulations and have established a strong correspondent banking network that are carefully evaluated and selected.

We have a single touchpoint approach and offer our services through an integrated platform which is intuitive and easy to use. We have designed our front end to provide a complete and comprehensive toolkit for your business.

Services that can work for you!

Individual IBANS

Moneygate offers individual IBANS for each of your accounts. Having an individual IBAN for each of your accounts makes it easier to manage your accounts and track your payments and transactions.

You can use your IBAN to receive payments from other banks and financial institutions arround the world.

Multi currency accounts

At Moneygate we offer accounts with different curency denominators. Send and receive money in different currencies and manage all your transactions with different currencies in one place.

Save money from currency conversion fees and exchange rates by keeping balances in different currencies and in different accounts.

SWIFT Payments

As members of SWIFT network, Moneygate holds its own unique SWIFT Code which connects Moneygate and its customers to global banking institutions and payment providers.

Our SWIFT correspondent network allows us to send and receive payments in all major currencies to and from all financial institutions around the world.

SEPA Payments

As members of SEPA network, Moneygate holds a unique BIC Code which connects Moneygate and its customers to all banking institutions and payment providers in the SEPA zone.

Our SEPA correspondent network allows us to seamlessly send and receive payments in EURO to and from all financial institutions in the SEPA zone.

Debit cards

Moneygate provides an end-to-end payment experience to its customers including debit card services. The complete debit card solution is managed through Moneygate’s state-of-the-art Web Banking and Mobile app.

Moneygate’s debit cards are accepted worldwide and can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM machine or to make purchases at any point of sale terminal.

Currency Exchange

Currency conversion services (live spot rates) are offered through Moneygate’s Web Banking portal and provide a seamless experience in converting money using live currency rates through integration with contributing partners.

Using our web and mobile app you can convert money between your accounts in different currencies seamlessly and at the best rates.

Open API

Moneygate embraced open banking to provide clients with Account Information Services as per PSD2 directive.

Moneygate’s Open API provides a secure and seamless way to access account information and initiate payments through a single integration.

Our B2B Open API enables to manage your finances effortlessly as it can provide a connection for your accounting and reporting systems to your Moneygate account and transactions.

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